Something about me...

Let me tell you a little bit about me shall I? Well I work in Sheffield as a designer and seo person.. it doesn't pay well and you have to listen to annoying people say how they wont the next twitter or amazon website... well you just got to nod your head and say yeah... and then give them a half decent website after months of hard work and receive very little money in return.. but I cannot complain much about the customers I do get as they are ver rare as more and more web design company are going under because of cheap alternative and free website templates destroying the industry.

Hard work wont get you far on the internet

The internet is a fix...... search engines will show you results that they want to show because they are the best results but because they want more ad money. The vast majority of many small businesses are still suffering online because they simply cannot get the exposure their websites needs to make sales... all thanks to search engines promoting obvious big giants and not the small guys. Most small businesses will want and need you custom so will offer the best service they can (they aren't freeloaders) whereas big international monopolies quality and service will suffer so doesn't it make sense to boost quality businesses int he search engines rather than big company's which everybody has already heard about on the search engines? You would think so.. but no search engines want small businesses to buy ads on their search engines so they do everything in their power to penalize and destroy people livelihoods! It is quite sickening really and politicians must do something about it.. but unfortunately dont... Search engines are the gateway to the internet but evil monopolies the search engines create means that this gateway is blocked for small businesses and makes it impossible for these small websites to be seen by anyone other than bots who are sent by the search engines to crawl your website.. and waste your bandwidth and for what.. to be listed as 200th in the search results? Here is a good article on seo and this same issue on pennpolitical blog.

It really isnt right that the harder you work.... you still will not get anywhere as monopolies such as these have fixed everything so much it is impossible to get custom anymore no matter how hard you work or how good your service is!
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